Ancient Cemetery

Located on the seafront road just past the port of Parikia, this ancient cemetery is one of the most important ...
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Ancient Marble Quarries

Parian marble, which is white and translucent, with a coarse grain and a very beautiful texture, was the main source ...
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Archaeological Museum

The museum was founded in 1960 in order for it to house antiquities which until then were kept in the ...
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Asclepeion Temple

Near the south edge of Parikia lie the ruins of Asklepeion, a temple dedicated to the god of medicine Asclepius ...
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Butterfly Valley

Just a few minutes south of Parikia in the area of Petaloudes we come across the mystical Butterfly Valley. This ...
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Byzantine Route

In medieval times, a stone-paved road connected the inland villages of Paros-Prodromos, Lefkes and Marathi with the coast. Modern roads ...
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Delion Sanctuary of Apollo

On the top of a hill on the northern side of Parikia lies the Apollon & Artemis sanctuary. It is ...
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Ekatontapyliani Church

Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the gem of Paros, also known as the Church of 100 Doors, it is a historic Byzantine ...
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Frankish Castle

During the fourth crusade, crusaders were amazed by the Muslim and Byzantine fortresses they conquered. After settling on conquered lands ...
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Kefalos Hill

The castle of Kefalos Hill looms over the east side of Marpissa village and situated on its peak is 17th ...
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Mycenaean Acropolis

Paros according to mythology, was named after the Arcadian hero Parios, who around 1000 BC took over the island from ...
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